What is Zip Time Clock?

Why Zip Time Clock?

The Best Way to Manage Employee Hours

No matter what your industry is the ZIPTimeClock will improve how you track your employees’ hours.

If you’re still using paper, or spreadsheets, or a traditional punch clock you should switch to the newest technology.

ZIPTimeClock will help you eliminate paying for those extra minutes before and after work shifts.

Time Tracking in the Cloud

ZIPTimeClock uses the latest cloud technology to securely manage your employee time sheets.

No more worrying about backups, crashes, updates, or network maintenance.

From your pajamas to Panama you can access the program from anywhere you can connect to the internet.

Works for Any Business

Stop paying for wasted time! ZIPTimeClock offers the best way to manage your employees’ time sheets.

A 100% cloud based time clock system with unique time loss detection features that will save you money in your payroll.

Our iPad app offers you the ease and mobility of Apple’s revolutionary device.

Innovative Features

Multiple Locations

You can assign employees to multiple locations. Reports will show a summary of hours by location.


You can add dollar amounts to a timesheet for reimbursements or bonuses.

Lunch Breaks

Track exact time employees clocked out and in for lunch breaks.

Any Device

Using a browser you can access the program from any smartphone or tablet.

Paid Time Off

Manage paid time off for employees.

Geo Location

Using Chrome as your browser, you can track where employees clocked in and out.

Send Messages

Send company-wide messages within the program or individual messages to employees.

Shift Entries

You can require time entries to be exact work shift, eliminating minutes before and after scheduled work time.