Month: June 2017

Log in & clock in how-to

Log in & clock in how-to

Getting started in Zip Time Clock

Logging in

To login simply go to in your browser. This can be done from a stationary computer or mobile device. We recommend using Google Chrome, especially if you wish to take advantage of the geolocation feature; this can be useful for employees who work in the field such as contractors.

Below you will find instructions for the different ways to login for clock-in/clock-out, as well as for performing manager tasks like verifying hours, sending messages to employees, and viewing reports. Of course an internet connection is required.

Zip Time Clock log in

Clock-in & clock-out

Using Zip Time Clock is a snap. Either the Zip Entry login or manual login methods are used. If an employee logs in but does not have a scheduled shift for that day, the Manual Entry screen will appear. From then on it’s straightforward. You can use the image below for reference.

Simple steps to clock in and out

If you’ve got any questions about login or how to use a certain aspect of Zip Time Clock, visit our contact page or email us at