Employee Reimbursement Software

Finding the right online timesheet for your business isn’t necessarily an easy task, but Zip Time Clock has done our best to create a system that is intuitive, ahead of the technology curve, and meets all of the needs of your company. One major complaint we hear about time card systems—and an issue we have made a simple solution to—is employee reimbursements for out-of-pocket expenses.

If your business has employees that travel, take clients or other team member out for meals or drinks, employees that receive gas reimbursements, or buy supplies that need to be reimbursed, you should look into an employee reimbursement software. Your accounting team is likely regularly cutting extra checks and dealing with the paper trail to prove said expenses. At Zip Time Clock we streamline all of the steps of reimbursing an employee with the time card they can access from anywhere they have internet.

Employee Reimbursement Software

How Employee Reimbursement Software Benefits Employers

Properly documenting reimbursements is very important for tax reasons. Using an accountable plan for reimbursements means you are not subject to being taxed for those expenses. If reimbursements are paid incorrectly in a non-accountable plan, they are treated as wages and then both the employer and employee have to pay taxes on the reimbursements, even though the money was not a wage but rather a payment for a good or service. Using an employee reimbursement software like Zip Time Clock’s online timesheet, helps employers and employees makes sure they are documenting reimbursements correctly, so they can avoid unnecessary taxes.

There are other benefits to employers as well. Dollar amounts can simply be added to a timesheet, so you aren’t having to deal with an extra payment for a reimbursement. This convenience saves time and money. The user interface also allows for easy movement between features, so employers can verify the expenses and even check in on the location of the employees when that expense was created. Not to mention, going paperless with your timecards and reimbursements means you aren’t tracking down papers and receipts. In a culture where people can do most anything from a mobile device, it only makes sense for employers to easily make reimbursements with Zip Time Clock.

How Employee Reimbursement Software Benefits Employees

As an employee who has to keep track of out-of-pocket expenses for reimbursements, it can be hard to keep everything straight. Turning in receipts can be frustrating if one accidentally gets lost and the employee is left to float the expense or have to verify the expense another way. Getting a separate check from a paycheck for reimbursements is just one more thing to keep track of for personal accounting purposes. Using Zip Time Clock’s employee reimbursement software feature allows employees to upload receipts and add a dollar amount to their time card for simple payments.

Another benefit employees will care about is that the correct methods of accounting that Zip Time Clock provides make sure employees don’t end up paying taxes on reimbursements. Since these payments aren’t a part of employee wages it’s important they come from an accountable plan. Zip Time Clock makes submitting a reimbursement simple while making sure all of the details are taken care of.

Choose Zip Time Clock for Employee Reimbursement Software

If your business is looking for a new clock in clock out system or online timesheet, choose Zip Time Clock. There are so many features for both the employer and employee that make it simple and convenient to use. Save money by eliminating lost money from employees giving themselves a few extra minutes here and there on their time card. Plus, Zip Time Clock makes reimbursements easy to add to a time card by simply adding the dollar amount to the timesheet to get a single payment for both wages and reimbursement. This cloud-based time card system makes reimbursements easier for everyone.

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