After you have signed up for your Zip Time Clock account you can download your iPad app. Our app is free for Zip Time Clock users and allows you to use your iPad as a kiosk for employees to clock in and out.


Easy. Fast. The employee enters their username and password to open the time clock connected to your business account.

Zip Time Clock has the capability to generate an ID card for each employee. The ID card scanner uses the iPad camera to identify the employee and open the program without having to enter their username and password.


Your business can create unlimited departments or jobs you need to track hours in or pay different rates for.

ZIP Entry – The ZIP Entry is for employees with a work schedule entered for today.


Manual Entry – is used for entering time when the employee does not have a work schedule or they are working in a department they don’t normally work in.


Time Loss Detection features signal when an employee is clocking in late.

All hours must be approved to appear on a payroll report.


Managers can send company wide messages and individual messages.

Employees can’t miss the messages because they cannot clock in until they have clicked Continue on this screen.


Employees can update their personal contact information on the iPad app.