Manage Employee Paid Time Off with a Time Card App

When you run a business, there are a lot of important details to manage. One of those important details is the paid time off for your employees.  No matter what your industry is, the Zip Time Clock will improve how you track your employees’ hours with an innovative online attendance system like no other. There are lots of ways to track employee hours, but if you’re still using costly paper, cumbersome spreadsheets, or a traditional punch clock, you really should switch to the latest technology.

The Zip Time Clock time card uses the newest cloud based technology to securely manage your employee time sheets, and accurately track their paid time off as they both earn it and use it. You can even track employee hours at another location, in another department, and more.

Time Card App Time Card for Managing Paid Time Off

As a manager or business owner, you want your employees to get what they deserve, and if they have earned paid time off, you need to be able to track exactly how much and have an accurate balance at all times. With a cloud based system there is no more concern about losing data in crashes, keeping up with necessary software updates for your system, creating backups, or maintaining a network.

In addition to keeping accurate records and helping you manage paid time off for employees, the Zip Time Clock lets you track employee hours from anywhere across the globe, and get payroll done in less time. When it comes time to draw up a work schedule, you can assign employees to more than one location, accomplish your scheduling tasks in a matter of minutes, and easily make changes in the time card. You can even receive reports that will give you a summary of hours by location. Need to send messages to your managers or employees? No problem; you can communicate instantly, without the need for texts or emails. Send messages company-wide from within the or just send an individual message to one employee. Use any device including your laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

It really is a new age of technology, and the Zip Time Clock online attendance system offers you freedom, savings, and accurate recording of hours with our time card. Manage paid time off for employees easier and more accurately than ever before. Have a question about Zip Time Clock and how it can help your business save time and money? We are happy to answer any question you have. Contact us at with your question, and we will reply quickly. We can help with any setup details and technical support, too. We look forward to hearing from you soon!