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Time entry setup

Time entry setup

Getting started in Zip Time Clock

Entry methods in setup

One powerful money-saving method that Zip Time Clock employs is the ability to choose among three different entry types. Selecting the correct entry type for each of your jobs or departments is vital in time loss detection and saving money. However, not all jobs are managed in the same way, so let’s take a look at three time entry types to choose from in Zip Time Clock setup. 

Single entry

This is a one entry action– clock in/clock out. There is no need to return to the computer to clock out after a shift because the clock out time was already recorded. This is made possible by a manager pre-approved schedule for each employee.

Single entry is best used for employees with high accountability and time-sensitive tasks, such as those with set appointments.

Two entry 

The traditional method of clocking in and out for a shift. Zip Time Clock stamps the exact time the employee clocks in and out, regardless of what time they enter. In this case, the time clock is a necessary tool in verifying correct hours for an employee. The double entry method is typically used for employees that are not overseen by management.

Quantity entry

The quantity entry is best used for departments or jobs where clock in and clock out times are not needed. Instead, this is for task-based (quantifiable) jobs, not time-based jobs. Please note that for payroll purposes, any number entered in the quantity field represents one hour of work. 

Common departments or jobs that could use this entry method are teachers or instructors being paid per lesson, set management hours per weekly basis, or any employee that has a specific number of appointments with clients regardless of real time.

Use what fits best

Below you’ll find an attachment with more information on the different entry methods used for setup. From there you can determine which is the best fit for your departments or employees. And if you’ve got any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out and send us a message. You can also email us at techsupport@ziptimeclock.com.

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