Use Zip Time Clock anywhere you’ve got internet, no software needed.

Zip Time Clock is a web application and that means you don’t need to install any software, all that’s necessary is the internet. The Zip Time Clock resides in the cloud and can be accessed from major browsers. Use Chrome to take advantage of the Geo Location feature.

Here’s a quick look at the functionality and general methods that will help your business save money from unscheduled working minutes. In business, time saved is money earned. Make Zip Time Clock one of your best practices for employee and department schedule and time management.

4-digit PIN login is fast and easy. No special username or email login to remember.

Create unlimited departments or jobs to reflect your business for detailed time tracking.

Manage paid time off easily.

Only approved paid time off appears on an employee time sheet.

Employees can update their personal information by themselves.

Employees can leave a message with any time entry, because a communicative work environment is a healthy one. 

ZIP Entry allows you to set up specific employees to work only their designated shift time with no extra minutes before or after. Check out our Time Loss Calculator to get an idea of the annual money your business could be losing.

Track overtime by the week and the day.

These are just a few aspects of Zip Time Clock that make it stand out from the rest. Start your no-commitment trial today.